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BEST OF ALL - The Quick Reference Guide To Effective Volunteer Involvement

Now Available!

BEST OF ALL: The Quick Reference Guide To Effective Volunteer Involvement is a concise compendium of best practices in volunteer coordination. Described as an "abundance of tips with a minimum of words," BEST OF ALL is a powerful tool for helping your volunteers to contribute their very best through your programs. BEST OF ALL is sure to become the essential desk reference for busy people who don’t have the time to search through libraries of literature for solutions to their volunteer program shortcomings.

Chapter presidents, nominating committee chairs, coordinators of volunteers, board members, executive directors/CEOs, sports league organizers, congregation leaders, and especially volunteers who organize the efforts of other volunteers will find hundreds of quick, ready-to-apply tips in this focused guide to the best practices in volunteer program management.

BEST OF ALL will be available in hard copy and electronic format like all of Linda’s books. This one, however, will also be "customizable." Linda will work directly with you to adapt BEST OF ALL to suit your specific program needs at an affordable price.

Special bulk rates available so you can share it with everyone who organizes volunteer efforts in your organization!

Linda Graff And Associates Inc. 2005. Twelve fast 20-minute chapters. Spiral bound, 100+ pages. 6½" x 9".

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Best Of All - Readers' Comments

“This book distills a rapidly growing body of literature on volunteer program management into a ‘top layer’ that highlights the most important, fundamental wisdom and puts it in your hands ready to use.”

“Really liked the distinction between social, position, and system orientation, and didn’t think about how we do this in my current organization until I read what you wrote. I suspect that many organizations do all three, but not deliberately or with regular evaluation of each element in the total orientation package.”

“A quick-study course for the person with limited time to do a really important job!”

“Another excellent Graff resource!”

“Maybe I’m not as well-read as I should be, but I have not seen much on (the topic of boundaries) as it relates to our field. It is especially relevant to our field where social workers are engaged, as “dual relationships” can wreak havoc on their licensure. ... Found “the how-to” on identifying boundaries around volunteer positions to be a potentially useful group training tool, with role-playing possibilities.”

“An excellent general resource for volunteer programs everywhere.”

“More easy to use, practical help from one of our best authorities on volunteer program management.”

“I am excited to see this BEST OF ALL resource. I find the supervision, evaluation, disciplinary action sections to be the best I have seen in these topic areas. ... this is where a lot of organizations have some of their greatest challenges and these three chapters provide an excellent combination of theory, how to’s and additional resources.”

“Having Graff on my bookshelf is like having access to an expert consultant 24-7."

“If you haven’t equipped yourself with Linda’s expert tools, you’re missing out on one of the best resources in the volunteer business.”

“This is an entire library condensed into one easy to use resource.”

“I know that practical tools and easy to apply practices are what people are looking for, particularly when a volunteers is coordinating volunteer involvement, and the “how to’s” you have provided are excellent.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to get a first read of BEST OF ALL. I know it will be a resource that I will want to make reference to and have in my resource kit bag for sure! Over time I know it will take on the same “well-used” look that my Beyond Police Checks does now!!”

"I've been a volunteer manager/director for many years now and I finally have found an easy to use manual that completely reflects my philosophy and practice: Best Of All!!  I only wish I'd written it myself."

- Donna L. Stoner, Director of Volunteer Initiatives
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Instructor, Volunteer Program Management, Syracuse University


BEST OF ALL Available in Four Formats to Suit Your Needs!

Hard Copy - Now Available!
In the traditional paper format, BEST OF ALL is a spiral bound, 172 page manual in a convenient 6½” x 9" size. Click on these links to download the Canadian Order Form or the US Order Form. Click here for information on how to order any of our publications in the United Kingdom.

"Book-on-CD" Copy

BEST OF ALL is now available in "Book-on-CD" format. The CD includes a quality PDF version of the book as well as a short bonus video featuring Linda Graff. The electronic format allows you to quickly search and print any topic of your choice making all forms and checklists immediately available for your use. Click here to go to the bookstore and order your CD today.

Electronic Copy
For those readers who want an instant copy, BEST OF ALL is available as an immediate download in PDF format from ENERGIZEINC. Click here to instantly order any of our publications directly from our electronic distributor.

Customized Format
Larger nonprofit organizations often have many people sharing the responsibility for coordinating volunteer efforts. Sometimes the volunteer organizing work is done by paid staff who may or may not be designated as a volunteer program management specialist. In many larger state/provincial and national organizations, local chapter and branch volunteers do the organization’s work at the grass roots level, and look after the organizing of other volunteers’ efforts. Similarly, sports associations and faith communities often have volunteers in the dual roles of actually doing the work and organizing the involvement of other volunteers. BEST OF ALL is the perfect “how to” manual for all of these unofficial managers of volunteers.

Interested in a volunteer management manual for your organization? Don’t go to the expense of having one written for you from scratch! We would be happy to work with you to customize BEST OF ALL to meet your specific volunteer manual needs. For example, we can put your organization’s logo and colours on the cover to make it immediately identifiable as one of your organization’s publications. Or we could work with you in more depth to modify the language and content to perfectly match your organization’s structure, terminology, culture, and infrastructure.

As concerns about risks and liabilities grow in the nonprofit sector, uniform standards and procedures become evermore important. Having all of your volunteer organizers working from the same information and following uniform processes may help you to both streamline and standardize practices throughout your organization, and thereby decrease the likelihood of risks materializing. Contact us directly for more information on how we can meet your needs.


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